Spring / Fall Cleanups

We offer complete spring and fall cleanups for commercial and residential properties in Southeastern Connecticut, including the areas of Norwich, Mystic, New London and the shoreline. Additionally, we offer curbside pickup of leaves.


fall cleanup leaf pickup


A professional yard or grounds cleanup over the fall months will ensure that your lawn is properly cared for over the harsh winter months. Leaf pickup and branch removal will not only improve the curb appeal of your home or business, but the removal of leaf piles prevents problems with mice in the winter because rodents love to nest in rotting debris.

Raking leaves and composting them will improve the overall health of your lawn. Leaving compressed leaf cover on your lawn hinders aeration of the soil. As professional landscapers, we have the know-how to best prepare your lawn for the cold winter months.

We clean up and remove piled leaves, pick up debris like sticks and branches, and winterize your plants and shrubs. If desired, we will plant and seed. Your time is valuable. Why spend your weekend days raking and bagging? Our property maintenance professionals have the know-how to get your property ready for the next season. Let us do the hard work for you!