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What is Hydroseeding?

What is hydroseeding and why is it the best choice for establishing a high-quality new lawn? Hydroseeding is a process of applying a slurry mixture of seed, starter fertilizer, tackifier and hydro-mulch which is made up of 70% wood and 30% paper to bond the mix together for a quicker and healthier germination. Our specialized hydroseed truck carries the slurry to the property where the application of new grass seed is to be sprayed. Our truck as an agitation system which keeps the seed mixture to a uniform consistency throughout. We then spray the seed over prepared ground in an even layer.

The advantages of hydroseeding over traditional planting of grass seed are that the process provides more uniform germination and superior erosion control. For fast planting of a lush lawn, this is a great solution — no matter if the ground is in full sun or shade. While the mulch in the hydroseed mixture helps the ground to retain moisture, it is actually a myth that newly applied hydroseed doesn’t have to be watered. This is absolutely not the truth (as with any seeding), daily watering is crucial to the seed establishing itself into a healthy lawn.

We use top quality Lesco/ John Deere landscape products for all of our hydroseeding applications. We offer a high-tech spraying process that applies grass seed to your lawn quickly and evenly. The best times of the year to hydroseed a new lawn is in the fall months of September and October or early spring from April thru May.

waterford Connecticut hydroseeding waterford ct hydroseeding

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Cost of Hydroseeding

12 to 15 cents per square ft. with a minimum of 5,000 sq ft. for an application. As square footage increases, the price is adjusted accordingly for larger areas.